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Post  Admin-LiLGun on Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:04 am

As we know we have updates in the website also ^^! but in here we would give them complete and with the exact time ^^! this would be edit every time we change something or even a little bit in the site ^^!


*November 16/8 : New Way to help us and show the world u like Boondocks on main page and at the end of the site
*November 16/08 :New way to enter to forums accepting the rules
*November 16/08 :New way of broken Videos with emailform
*November 16/08 :Season 2 Drop Down Box its done!
*November 16/08 :Season 2 now has html,direct link and IMG code for forums Wink
*November 16/08 :Go4ent player on season 2!
*November 3/08: Season 1 Drop Down Box it's now on
*November 3/08: Season 1 now has html, direct link and IMG code for forums Wink
*November 3/08: Go4ent player on season 1
*October 13/08: Testing Divx one more time!
*October 13/08: New Poll on site Main page!
* September 15/08 : New Plan to see if videos can be watch in DIVX or Veoh
* September 15/08 : New Streaming Solution
* August 21 /08 : New Forum
* August 21 /08 : Veoh TV and megavideo Downloader was add in the video tool
* August 20 /08 : There is a new Report way to report =
* August 20 /08 : New Update Logo on site
* August 19 /08 : All Videos have different sources! such as megavideo, veoh, livevideo
* August 19 /08 : Site's have new video from youtube

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