Megavideo Streaming Solution

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Megavideo Streaming Solution

Post  Admin-LiLGun on Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:03 pm

Well maybe u all haven't notice this but i had and in other site they mention it i thought it was my pc but not some of the megavideos are actually saying "“temporarily unavailable" Try to refreshing it a couples times then before playing the video click on it, if i did not work ?click the “megavideo” logo in the bottom right corner then it would leave u to where u can still watch it there ^^ !

Well It so have to work with that if not then there is only 2 more things to do Click oh Full Screen it may help or restart pc ^^! (I'm still testing more solutions but sometimes it just fix itself)

If u want to download before playing video plz click on direct download before on playing video ^^! if it doesn't work just refresh or use ccleaner and restart pc that essay

you have to click on the bottom right corner the megavideo logo if u dont know what it is :

and now problem seems that megavideo can only ALLOW U TO SEE 5 VIDEOS i know wtf but still now the solution is this:
download this if u
use firefox 2
>>Click Here<<

use Firefox 3
>>Click here<<

download those and restart pc

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